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Hi and welcome to the Tidy Life Project. It is great to have you here on the journey! 

My name is Claire Birnie and I am the owner and head organiser of The Tidy Life Project, an Edinburgh-based professional organising, decluttering and minimalism coaching company. 

With a background in academics and research, I have learned to be a meticulous and diligent organiser and love sharing these skills with new clients. 

I was inspired to leave my previous career in academics to create this company because of my passion for organising and my strong belief that beautifully organised, decluttered and environmentally friendly spaces help us all live our very best lives: The Tidy Life. 

My aim is to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable advice and practices to help with your home organising project, without having to sacrifice beautiful design and luxury feel. My hope is that creating your new and improved organised  home will help us all create a tidier planet, through lowering waste and focusing on well-made, well-designed products that last the test of time. 

My personal and professional motto is that less really is more. I've discovered the benefits of a low-waste, minimalist lifestyle first hand and hope to share the lessons I've learned along the way on my blog here. Living low waste doesn't have to mean going without or making do with less quality or beauty! 

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the best tips and tricks for a happy, simple, sustainable and healthy life. Welcome to the Tidy Life Project - join me on the journey! 

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